The worlds only family music festival

Family Bonding over music

How often can you sit back on the grass with your entire family, pick up some drums or shakers and just jam along with a live band thats playing a few feet away from you. Stomp your feet, sing along and dance as much as you want. It's a safe, fun and clean environment created just for families. Bond together as a family over music - thats what the Groove Gully festival is all about.

Education & Inspiration

Drumming Den

An inspiring space created at the festival for kids and parents to play with musical instruments as much as they want. The Groove Gully zones helps kids learn about instruments from all over the world, how they sound, when they're used and how to make music from them. There are no boundaries or limits - play as long as you want as hard as you want and all day if it pleases you. 

Inspiring Music 

Explore music from all over the world

You're so close to the musician you can almost touch their instrument. We want you and your family to have intimate and inspiring experiences at our festivals. Artists that perform at our festivals come from all over the world so there's always new music to explore and get inspired by. It could be anything from Jazz, Electronica, Carnatic, Heavy Metal, Folk music or even Hip-Hop. For all Groove Gully festival-goers it's always a jaw-dropping experience.

Instrument making workshops

Build together as a family

Have you and your child ever made an instrument together? Well now you can - from Rainsticks, to Bamboo Windchimes, Shakers, Tambourines and Ocean Drums you can make your own instrument right away at our DIY workshops. Not only does it involve teaching important life skills to your child it also simulates important neural pathways of your child's brain aiding in its development. 

Musical Storytelling

Storytelling through music

Our storytellers explore themes of kindness, empathy and diversity through amazing performances that are as engaging for parents as they are for children. See long-forgotten instruments like the Gopichand and Daman from Ladakh brought back to life in our stories. Some really inspiring performances even have Rainsticks, Bird whistles and Frog Guiro Rasps used to hair-raising effect on our audiences!

Rising Star Stage

Families that perform on stage

if you and your child can play music together then you're just whom we're looking for. Keep a lookout for our call for entries announced a month before the Groove Gully festival and submit your entry to be a part of the stage performers! Remember its NOT a competition - we're all here to inspire and be inspired.


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