Travelling Museum of Music

Museums should be really fun places to hang out and double up as sources of inspiration. But sadly most museums place musical instruments behind glass cages and don't give children the opportunity to even hear what they sound like. We're here to change that!


Curated by us to inspire children, the Groove Gully travelling museum of music brings together musical instruments from all over the world and actually allows children to pick them up and play them under the guidance of musicians. Children learn about the cultural significance of the instruments, the materials and workmanship behind it.

Some of the schools we've taken the museum of music to are Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon, Suncity School Gurgaon,  Kunskapsskolan School Gurgaon and Heritage School Vasant Kunj amongst others.

Groove Gully's Experiential Learning Format

The Groove Gully museum is typically present in a school over 3 days. Professional musicians perform in the morning assembly using instruments from the museum, so students can experience how they sound in a concert setting.

As an example from a Gurgaon school that the Museum recently visited,  the first morning featured a Chendamelam performance using Chenda’s from Kerala after which the musicians held a master class for students talking to them about the wood used, ceremonies they were played in as well as their role as accompanying rhythm givers for Kathakali dance performances.

Students were then given blocks of wood to play on and experience how the Chenda is traditionally taught to beginners.

The next day featured a Latin American percussionist, playing the rhythms of Latin America with a map of Latin American countries behind him. As he played the Tango from Argentina to the Bossa Nova of Brazil and finally Jazz from the US, the students were listening and experiencing the flora, fauna and cultural markers of the region.

The incredible impact our museum has on children is because its a form of experiential learning and we also allow them to touch and feel all the instruments. Learning this way becomes automatic and most importantly the retention is long-term.


India's Only Travelling Museum of Music

There is no other museum of music that brings this level of interactivity and experiential learning. Here's what The Hindu had to say about us and this is what the Times of India said about the Groove Gully museum of music.

The latest addition to our experiential learning offering is our Science Museum. This has dedicated sections that explain the relationship between Physics, Biology and Neuroscience all through the lens of Music and Sound. The Groove Gully Science museum is curated for students of Class 5 and above. The learning outcomes we aim for are a clear understanding and retention of these concepts: Waves, Standing waves, concepts like Amplitude, Frequency, Timbre, the working of the Human ear and perception of sound by the Human brain. Included in the science museum are a Tesla Coil, Vocal Visualisers, Brain Models. Singing Carrots and lots more.

Both our museums are completely sanitised before being brought to schools. We work closely with a school's Admin team and Teachers to ensure hygiene is maintained and instruments are safely handled by students.

We will continue to travel to schools all over India in 2020 as soon as it is safe to do so. If you'd like us to bring it to your school or pre-school, please contact us.  

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