Hari Prasad Chaurasia the wrestler

Respecting parents is an important value that we all are taught while growing up. However, sometimes we need to defy their choices to follow our heart. This is what Indian flute player Hariprasad Chaurasia did. Born in Uttar Pradesh, Chaurasia had a strict father who wished that his son would be a wrestler. He went to the akhada (wrestling arena) everyday with his father and trained for hours, even if he was no good at wrestling. Then, Chaurasia discovered his affinity for classical music. With his new found interest in the bamboo bansuri, he began practising his skills with this instrument secretly at his friend’s house. Years later, when Hariprasad Chaurasia became one of the most reputed flutists of the world and a multiple award winner, he jokingly recounted his relationship with his father in an interview. ‘I was not any good at wrestling. I went there only to please my father. But maybe because of the strength and stamina I built up then, I'm able to play the bansuri even to this day.’