Does your kid need 'personality' to play music?

Picking up a music instrument is common among kids today. Research by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra also tells us that ‘nine in ten children want to learn a musical instrument’.

Learning guitar through a YouTube tutorial or mastering the sitar under a tutor, parents are increasingly interested in their children getting involved in music. It’s a stress buster, helps in concentration and gives the kids something productive to do.

But in this craze, parents might not give much thought on what instrument actually suits their child. It might not seem like a big deal but the kid’s personality can play a major role in understanding what instrument would be ideal for him/her.

Image Credits- Mojo Correspondent

Creative Soul Music School in the US, suggests that an instrument like the piano might not appeal to an extroverted child while percussion instruments like cymbals and drums are a perfect fit for a child who’s a little restless. There are many instances like these which just show how far musical studies have come.

Even if you think with a layperson’s mind, it’s quite evident that something like music should be based on one’s personality. Your kid’s personality can determine his hobbies, his subjects in school and everything else, so why should music be an exception.

That’s why follow the pro-parent tip of not forcing down your own interests on your kid if he/she wants to learn a musical instrument. You might enjoy playing the guitar, but maybe your little one gives up easily with the aching fingers beginner-guitarists face and goes towards something totally different like a harmonica or the keyboard.

It’s not just the mental personality that needs to be taken into consideration, physical aspects of the personality are another factor.

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The trumpet is ideally suited for kids with small lips. Obviously, you can’t play something like the bassoon if you’re a petite youngling. Long fingers and great dexterity can make you a Mozart on the keys.

But again, the physical features shouldn’t be the prime determinant. As Kevin Richards, a Bangalore-based music teacher says, ‘It sounds corny but if you’re actually determined to learn something, you’ll learn that something. Personality might matter but physique of a musician shouldn’t be that much a trouble.’

So definitely you should keep your child’s mental and physical needs in mind while buying the perfect instrument or signing him/her up for a music class. Once you tick that off your ‘music upbringing list, make sure that you know what field of music does your child actually want to explore. Once, everything seems to fall in tune, maybe your little genius might turn into a musical prodigy!

Shaurya Singh Thapa