How did Groove Gully happen?


One day we decided to take our 6yr old twins out to a gig. We felt they could use some musical inspiration. But we soon realised our options were either (1) an alcohol fuelled pub where musicians only started playing after 9pm OR (2) a classical concert where kids younger than 10 years of age were unlikely to get admitted.


It was unbelievable! Somehow it was ok for our 6 yr olds to learn Carnatic music but it wasn't ok for them and their parents to go watch amazing musicians perform.

We also discovered that most parents didn't have a clue about what music their kids were listening to. They knew what shoes the kids liked to buy or what Avengers characters they followed but nothing about their music. Why??

We spoke to school psychologists, music therapists, musicians about it and then many iterations later hit upon the idea for a family music festival. A Google search showed that there was no such thing as a family music festival.  Why??


Enter Groove Gully - our travelling music festival specially curated for families. We bring together Musicians, Puppeteers, Storytellers, Physicists, Educators, Theatre actors, Psychologists and Brain scientists with the aim of inspiring you and building a kinder, empathetic world.

The Groove Gully Music Festival is a fountainhead of inspiration where you and your child can run free, playing any musical instrument that catches your fancy, attending  musical workshops, parenting sessions, explore the connections between music and the brain and of course taking in all the amazing performances by headlining artists, school bands, music schools.


Most importantly we want you FAMILIES TO BOND OVER MUSIC!


Jay & Bobby.

Why is it needed

Remember when you were young and played songs at home on your music system?  Everyone at home could listen to the song. If you went on a road trip chances are there was music playing in the car and everybody listened to songs on the drive. No YouTube or iPads to divide you. You were all there together. 


But now we're divided. 

Because everyone plugs in a pair of earphones and retreats into their digital cocoon. Unknowingly parents and kids are disconnected because of this digital divide. 

Thats why Groove Gully is needed - to weave music back into the fabric of family life. Help families bond together. 

Is Groove Gully the only Music Festival at the intersection of music, education, parenting and emotional wellness?

Oh yes! As far as we know. 

Family Bonding

Imagine you and your child both playing together with a live band! Now you can because live performances by musicians at Groove Gully Music Festivals are highly interactive and designed to involve the entire family. We have shakers, drums, tambourines and djembes scattered amongst the audience so all you and your child have to do is simply pick up and play along. This is one family moment, where you won't miss your phone.

A safe environment for families to enjoy live music

We work very hard to provide an environment where you and your children can feel safe and inspired. There's only moms, dads, kids and grandparents at the festival. No alcohol no ugly scenes. Pure music.

Inspire Kids

How does a child get inspired? If they watch an amazing performance by an talented musician, pick up a new instrument and fall in love with it or simply hear a cool new sound that triggers curiosity and enquiry. We've seen parents observe their children at the festival, and then tell us they never knew their kids loved music so much!

Educate Parents

Parents often wonder if their kids will ever become stars, what are the career options in music and the ubiquitous "where can I find a good music teacher?"

Groove Gully brings together musicians, educators, artists, neuroscientists and counselors to give parents a platform where they can receive advice, have their queries addressed, learn about the connection between music and the brain and just be more aware parents. 

Emotional & Mental wellbeing

In an increasingly disconnected digital world we're on the brink of a serious mental and emotional health epidemic. It all starts at home. We must be aware and watchful for signs of trouble amongst our kids. Neuroscience proves that music therapy is a  proven method of healing and its a strong area of focus of us